Version 30.8.2018


These are the terms and conditions concerning the use of Kyyti transport service. In order to use the Kyyti transport service the user must accept these terms and conditions. The user must read these terms and conditions thoroughly before using the service.


The Kyyti transport service (hereinafter “Kyyti”) transports customers from address to address based on their orders either one order at a time (taxi service) or by pooling different orders in the same vehicles and routes (ride sharing service). Kyyti transport service is offered by Kyyti Operointi Oy. Kyyti Operointi Oy purchases the delivery of transport services from properly licensed Finnish taxi and public transport companies.


When using the ride sharing service the order made by the customer can be pooled with other orders heading to the same direction. This may cause the pickup and arrival times and the total duration of the trip to flex within notified limits. The pickup and arrival times of the different customers form routes and schedules to the vehicles. The driver picks up and drops off customers according to this schedule.


When using the taxi service, the number of passengers defined by the customer is transported straight from the pickup point to destination with no possibility for pooling.


The price for Kyyti is shown in advance when making the order. The price is dependent on multiple parameters, including starting fees, number of passengers, luggage surcharge, time of day and the day of the week. If an order gets pooled with another, a part of the trip´s cost is returned to the customer as a voucher that can be used when making a new Kyyti order.


Kyyti is ordered with an application that can be downloaded into a mobile device supporting iOS or Android operating systems. The customer commits to paying the informed price when making the order. The price is charged after the trip has ended with the payment method the customer has specified in the application. Payment directly to the driver is not possible. The providers of different applications define the possible payment methods and the user must accept the terms and conditions of the application in question.

Before making an order the customer must make sure that the pickup point, destination, desired time of travel and number of both passengers and luggage are correct in the Kyyti offer. Please note that even though the pickup location is by default specified by the customer, in some cases where there is a lot of traffic, large crowds or the area has no clear address (e.g. airports, other terminals, sports arenas) the pickup point can be a certain Kyytistop or Kyytipiste where the customers are directed to be picked up.


The order is not confirmed until a driver accepts it. Orders with departure time less than 30 minutes from the time of order are directed to the vehicles straight away and the drivers have 4 minutes to accept the order. If no vehicle accepts the order, it will not be confirmed and the payment commitment will be canceled.

It is possible to make an order up to 5 days in advance. Advance orders are sent to the vehicles minimum 30 minutes before the earliest departure time, after which the drivers have 4 minutes to confirm the order. If no vehicle accepts the order it will not be confirmed and the payment commitment will be canceled.


An order can be cancelled free of charge if the cancellation is made minimum 30 minutes before the earliest possible pickup time or before a driver has accepted the order. After a driver has accepted the order a cancellation fee can be charged.

If a customer does not board on Kyyti and does not cancel the order she has made, there will be a fixed pickup fee to compensate for unnecessarily reserving a vehicle.


A payment is not returned if there is a user error in the order. We offer full return if we fail to deliver the service for other than customer based causes or in force majeure situations.

Such situations can be e.g. difficult weather conditions, exceptions in traffic conditions, effects of a strike or other demonstrations.


Estimated pickup time which is updated automatically is shown to the customer after a driver has accepted the order. After this the customer can follow the vehicle on a map in the application. Please note that also a ride sharing service can arrive quickly, so please be ready to leave at any time during the given time window. Please be at the specified pickup point at the notified pickup time. It is not possible for Kyyti to wait for a customer over the specified pickup time as Kyyti needs to keep the schedule promised for other customers.

A customer is obliged to provide us a phone number from which the customer can be reached in case of an unclear pickup address or if the driver has problems in locating the customer. If a vehicle arrives as notified but the customer can not be reached in any way the driver is obliged to move on without the customer. In this case the order will not be refunded.

Should there be a problem with the arrival of the vehicle the customer can call either the driver or the customer service of the transport company straight from the application after a driver has accepted the order and the order is confirmed. Depending on service area the number can be a hotline with extra fees.


The order number acts as a travel ticket and must be shown or otherwise communicated to the driver before boarding a Kyyti vehicle. The ticket is valid until the specified destination and it must be held for the duration of the whole trip. If an order is made on behalf of another person, the one boarding the vehicle must be able to communicate the order number to the driver.


The number of passengers boarding a vehicle, including children, must be specified when making an order. Every person onboard costs. A Kyyti ticket is valid only for the number of passengers entered to the order. The number of passengers cannot be changed after an order is made. The driver cannot be of assistance for children travelling without their legal guardian or for passengers that need extra help. Should a passenger need an escort, the escort must be entered as a passenger when making an order. Parents or legal guardians take full responsibility for the actions of minors even in situations where a child travels without any escort.


Number of any luggage other than hand luggage must be entered when making an order. Hand luggage must be kept so that it does not disturb other passengers. One luggage unit means an item of a standard suitcase size. Groceries count as luggage if they cannot be kept so that they do not take space from other customers. Also a walker, a stroller, a wheelchair or similar means of getting around which can be folded to into suitcase size count as luggage when making an order. Surcharges may apply when traveling with luggage. The driver has the right to refuse from transporting a customer with more luggage than the order specifies.

Goods that should never be put into the luggage compartment include for example currency, valuables such as bonds, money orders, cheques, commercial papers of value, passports, drivers licenses, diplomas, jewelry, portable electronics such as cameras, laptops, tablets and other fragile goods, prescription drugs and keys to your house or car. All goods in the luggage compartment must be packed so that they will withstand normal handling and possible movement in the luggage compartment during the trip. The driver must be notified if luggage is either fragile or of significant value. We do not transport dangerous goods. We reserve the right to have luggage opened for inspection with the customer and the driver or other company official present if considered necessary for safety reasons.

Lost or damaged luggage must be reported to Kyyti customer support either using the application or by email at [email protected]. We do not compensate for lost or damaged luggage if not reported. The maximum amount of compensation for lost or damaged luggage is 200 euros.


It is possible to transport a wheelchair. A wheelchair must be entered as luggage and must be folded into the luggage compartment. Please take note that Kyyti does not offer an escort or other aid for passengers.


It is possible to travel with pets. Pets must be entered as luggage, one pet being equivalent to one piece of luggage. Surcharges may apply when traveling with pets. The driver can refuse from accepting pets on board that the driver has reason to believe may cause disorder or be a safety risk to other passengers or to the driver. Kyyti does not take responsibility for possible allergic reactions caused by either having or having had pets on board.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke or use any smoking related products onboard a Kyyti vehicle. The driver has the right to remove a passenger who does not comply with these rules.


Both alcohol consumption and drug use are strictly forbidden onboard a Kyyti vehicle. The driver has the right to remove a passenger who does not comply with rules concerning alcohol consumption or drug use. We will file a report with the police if drug use is detected.


Should the customer cause a need for cleaning the vehicle or otherwise damages the vehicle the customer is obliged to compensate the resulting expenses directly to the transport company. The driver can charge the compensation in the vehicle or the charge can be invoiced afterwards. In case of doubts concerning the compensation the customer can contact Kyyti customer support.


Kyyti has an absolute zero tolerance towards all sorts of harassment and inappropriate behavior. The driver is obliged to remove a customer that disturbs either passengers or the driver in a sexual, racist or in other inappropriate manner. Any behavior that can be interpreted as harassment, offending or inappropriate count as harassment. The driver has the right not to allow on board a customer acting aggressively or in a way that can be assumed to be either of disturbance or a safety issue for other passengers. The driver has the right to prevent a customer behaving in above-described manner from leaving the vehicle at the same address as the harassed person if there is reason to believe that it is necessary for safety reasons.

Kyyti reserves the right to deny boarding from clients who were previously using Kyyti and despite a warning were being guilty of harassment or other inappropriate behaviour. In situations described above, those who have been removed from or denied boarding will not be refunded.


When using Kyyti as a part of a travel chain, for example to continue a journey with another transport service after Kyyti, please reserve enough time for transfer. Kyyti is not responsible for any other loss than the price of the Kyyti order if a connection is missed. Even though we strive to precision concerning schedules we cannot guarantee a 100 % precise schedule and therefore do not refund slight delays. To make sure to be on time please define the latest possible arrival time when making an order.


Feedback and reclamations concerning Kyyti transport service must be delivered by email at [email protected]. Feedback can also be sent by using the Kyyti application.


The controller for personal data is the provider of the application used by the customer. In order to use the Kyyti transport service, the user must approve processing of personal data in accordance with the privacy policy of the application provider. The application provider delivers to Kyyti Operointi Oy the personal data necessary for the delivery of Kyyti orders. Kyyti Operointi Oy and the application provider have signed an agreement about Personal Data Processing.

So far Kyyti transport service can be ordered only by using the Kyyti application owned by Kyyti Operointi Oy and thus the only controller is Kyyti Operointi Oy. The privacy policy of Kyyti Operointi Oy provides the information required in articles 13 and 14 in the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (2016/679). The privacy policy can be read at